This years Antivirus top pick is..... all of them?

Every antivirus article will claim that one is better than the other and it is by preference and some small differences, maybe even a nudge by the number one choice to the article writer to pick "said" AV above the rest. I will list four really fantastic Antivirus programs Norton, McAfee, Eset and bitdefender. Norton and McAfee are the normal choices for consumers and Eset is a little more for advanced users. But each program has written within it virus definitions that it will consider a threat if found when a scanned is initiated, now what one program misses another may find and false positives in a scan do happen. The AV program will always ask for permission before taking action unless it finds a known virus then it is simply quarantined and action must be taken by the admin. NO Antivirus does everything for the end user

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