PC Management

1. Always have your important files backed up

Though ransomware is not something new, cyber attackers can still use this file-hijacking trick to gain large ransom and cause great damages every year. This year, before any new ransomware attack is revealed, backup important files to ensure your file safety.

You can use either an extra hard drive to store your data or online file storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox or Apple’s iCloud "optional" the ICloud is more for apple users. And then you have. Even with cloud storage a "physical back up" is mandatory and system restore point.

2. Antivirus

A good antivirus can save your computer's overall health and prevent a small/large virus from infect your PC but it will not entirely protect you from world wide web. The user "you" may introduce your PC to some unknown or new strings of virus that your antivirus does not have the definitions for or you can mistakenly let someone access your computer. The antivirus program is just that a program it will do what it is programed to do protect your system and try to prevent infection. We the user's introduce several new possibilities to this program on a daily basis leaving room for error. This is why the back up is essential.

3.Preventive Care

A tune up and cleaning will help your computer/laptop run efficiently and you can assess if you would like to upgrade your PC at the time as well.

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