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97% of Cars Tested with Keyless Entry Are Vulnerable to Electronic Theft!!!

Many of the most popular cars sold across the globe could be vulnerable to theft with cheap and readily available technology. So what does that mean for you? Technology is always moving forward and just like time it waits for no man, but fear not there is a solution. An item on Amazon that promises to stop thieves from using the "relay box" on any car that uses wireless key technology it is listed below and it also offers protection from credit card scammers. Just click the on the picture and you will be taken right the item on amazon

Most keyless entry systems require that the key fob be in relatively close proximity, to a vehicle for it to be unlocked and started. “cheap electronic equipment,” called relay boxes, can be used to boost a key fob’s signal. So something like a Fab Key blocker would solve all these issues. Just like the one we have listed today!

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